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The Mormon Church Hides Its Past

Leaders in the Mormon Church never apologize.  They also admonish their members to never correct their church leaders.
The following are "heartsell" events and products the Mormon Church has manufactured to maximize control of their historical dialog.

Essays and Fireside Chats

  1. The church published a set of essays to explain awkward elements in church history. The church recently published a set of esseys to explain difficult topics in church history, but has not mentioned them to the mainstream congregations.
    • Here is a link to the essays.
  2. Tom Phillips asked Jeffrey Holland difficult questions in a series of letters.  Holland responds with nothing.  Read the letter exchanges here.
  3. Jeffrey Holland is interviewed by the BBC and was asked to explain the Book of Abraham fraud.  Holland evades explaining the fraud.
  4. Quinton Cook and church historians tackle tough questions about LDS History- Quinton Cook and two church historians field "difficult" questions.  
     • Here is a link to the event.  
     • Here is a link scrutinizing the event.
  5. Oaks and Ballard present a "Face to Face" fireside chat with youth, claiming complete church history transparency.  Their claim of transparency contradicts pretty much everything in the 12 church essays.  View video here.
  6. Neal A. Maxwell Institute awkwardly explains how Joseph Smith was wrong about the Book of Abraham.  Watch Brian Hauglid and Robin Jensen from BYU try to explain how Joseph Smith did not translate the Book of Abraham properly.
  7. Dallin H. Oaks tells young couples not to research church history.  While speaking to a group of young couples in Chicago on Feb 2, 2019, Dahlin H. Oaks tells them "I suggest that research is not the answer" to troubling issues about church history.