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Money and the Mormon Church

Joseph Smith originally explained the use of tithing was to help the needy.  Today's Mormon church has wandered far from this mandate.  Keep in mind the not-for-profit church does not disclose it's financial holdings to the public, or it's members.

  1. Presently the LDS Church has $32 Billion invested in the stock market. - According to a Mormon Leaks document, the LDS church presently speculates in the stock market to the tune of $32 Billion. Here is a list of the stocks. More here.
  2. Church collects about $6-8 Billion annuallly from it's members. - The LDS church revenue is sourced about half from inside the United States, and the other half from the other countries. Together it is estamated to be $6-8 Billion.
  3. Church spends about .07% on helping poor. - An article published by the church's newspaper states the church averages paying about $40 Million per year to the needy.  That equates to about .07% of tithing money collected going towards the poor.
  4. WalMart helps more needy people than the Jesus Christ's LDS Church. - WalMart gives more money to the needy than The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 2016 Walmart gave $301 million in charity donations..
  5. The LDS Church extracts about $1,000,000 from each ward, annually. - In return , it provides God's acceptance for those in the community who have paid.
  6. Church owns vast land and properties in California.  The church own about $67 million worth of CA land, and about $137 million in commercial and industrial properties.
  7. Church owns 2% of land in Florida.  Church owns the Deseret Ranches, thelargest piece of undeveloped land in Flroida, about 315,000 acers.
  8. Church owns vast land in Hawaii.- Church owns 20,000 acres in Kauai, and 107,000 acres near Waimea, on the big island.
  9. Church leases access rights across it's land to gas/oil companies.- Besides the investiments, the church makes money leasing land access to gas/oil companies.

Thomas Monson Endorses Beneficial Life Insurance

Clip from 2005.  He became the acting Prophet in 2008.