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Ways the Mormon Church
has Lied

to the Latter-day Saints, and those outside of the church,
to protect themselves.

  1. Not teaching generations of members that Joseph Smith was a Polygamist- The LDS church as not taught in any mainstream church lesson manuals, that Joseph Smith was a polygamist.  It has been forced to admit that now, in such publications as the Joseph Smith Papers, and the Church Essays.
  2. Teaching that Native Americans are decentants from the Jews- From the beginning of the church until today, the church has told Native Americans they are decendents of Jews, and from Jerusalem.  Modern DNA testing as disproven this claim.
  3. Altering the Book of Mormon and First Vision Storyline about the nature of the GodHead. When the Book of Mormon was originaly published, and according to the original story of The First Vision (written in Joseph Smith's own handwriting in his journal), Jesus was the Eternal Father.  Later editions of the Book of Mormon, and later versions of the First Vision were changed to reflect this.
  4. Teaching that Joseph Smith tranlsated the Book of Mormon using the Golden Plates, and the Urmin & Thummen, instead of looking in a hat - The church now admits that Joseph looked into a hat, with a peepstone (not the Urmin & Thumen) and actually later reported he didn not need to use the Golden Plates.
  5. Teaching that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Abraham- In 2019, the Neal A. Maxwell Institute at BYU admits Joseph's translation was incorrect.
  6. Teaching that the Masons, whom the Moron Temple ceremony is copied from, were a flawed variation of Solomons Temple Ceremony in the Old Testament.  Church scholors agree now this cannot be true.
  7. Teaching that Joseph Smith translated the JST- BYU research now shows Joseph Smith simply copied a 1831 Bible Commentary written by Adam Clarke.
  8. Teaching that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon- Too much plagerism exists to substantiate the Book of Mormon as an original source.  See here.
  9. Teaching that Joseph Smith was a Mayrter- Mayrters die for a cause. Joseph smith shot into the angry mob, killing two of the three men he hit before jumping out of a window to escape the scene, leaving his fellow followers there.  After falling out of the window it was shot by 4 people.
  10. Teaching each generation of Latter-day Saints that they are the Chosen Generation- Every recent generation has been told, in their youth, that they are the chosen generation whom God saved to come forth in the last days to prepare the Earth for his kingdom.  How many different generations can get told the same story before it becomes inplasable? This is a conditiioning technique used by cults.
  11. Teaching people, in their Patriarchal Blessings, that Christ will return in this life- The church has, for over a century now, told different people they would be alive to see the Savior return to Earth, ushering forth His kingdom in the fullness of times.  Many of those people are dead now.  Children today are still being told this in their blessings.
  12. Teaching people outside of the church that Christ was to return within 4 years of the formation of the Mormon church-People who lived during the 1830's reported that early church missionary tracts and speeches claimed Jesus would return within four years kill on non-believers and redistribute their possentions among the Mormonites. 
  13. Teaching people who investigate the church that the monetary requirement is only 10% of their income.  As mormon missionaries visit with investigators they tell them the church only requires 10% of their increase.  After they join and attend the temple one year later, they are forced to committ to giving everything they own to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Every mormon missionary has done this already.
  14. Promising members they will become Gods one-day, and command their own planet. And then backing off of this claim.  According to Joseph Smith's King Follett discourse, man will become like God one day.  Lorenzo Snow said the same thing.  Gordon B. Hinkley dismissed that claim on national TV during a Larry King interview.
  15. Telling the saints Brigham Young died of appendicitis.  Research shows he was assassinated via poison.
  16. Telling the church members they have been transparent with church history.
  17. Bigham Young taught that Adam was God.
  18. Men living on the Moon.
  19. Not explaining why Joseph was placed in Carthage Jail.
  20. Not explaining why Joseph was Tarred and Feathered.
  21. Not explaning why the church left Kirtland.
  22. Church leaders positioning like they are God's representatives on Earth. Setting standards and asking deeply sexual questions.

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