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Contrived Happiness

Mind controlled groups are happy places.  The idea that people inside the group are happier than those outside is continually reinforced.  Happiness alone is no measure of truth.  One must always step out of the system and examine the implications of the results and effects of the structure contriving the happiness.

Brainwashing vs. Mind Control

Brainwashing and Mind-control are different techniques, but produce similar results.

Brainwashing is performed by captors holding prisoners under duress. There is always a clear enemy captor and a clear victim held against their will, who is subject to brainwashing tactics. Real live examples of brainwashing include some of the U.S. forces held captive during the Korean War, the Stockholm Syndrome victims, and the experiences of Elizabeth Smart.

In Contrast, Mind Control is much more subtle, and is a form of addiction.  In fact, the word "addiction" is derived from a Latin term for "enslaved by" or "bound to."

Robert Jay Lifton is an American psychiatrist who studied Thought Reform (Mind Control & Brainwashing) his whole career.  Learn more here...

With Mind Control, there is no clear adversarial captor. The relationship starts and appears normal in the beginning. However, the victim of a mind-control group over time loses their personal identity and can no longer make decisions autonomously.  Soon the group starts making life decisions for the individual, and through shame management takes over the individual's self-worth.  What the group thinks of the individual becomes more important than what the individual thinks about them self.  So long as the individual is succeeding at the group game, they are of high worth.  If they don't play the group game correctly they feel personal shame and low self-worth.

Group members under this influence often will have given tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or all of their possessions to the group and not be able to quantify any benefit beyond social acceptance that they have received in exchange.

Another significant characteristic of mind-control is that members under this influence are typically unable to express any negative attributes about the group or leaders, when asked.

You'll see group members putting the group before their own families or children's needs, in terms of money and time.

Mind-controlled Groups are Safe & Happy Places,
from the Inside.

One common element of all mind control groups is the progressive devaluation of the identify of an individual in exchange for the group identity.

They indoctrinate members by reassuring them "We are happy. They are not." Be grateful you are with us, we enjoy a happiness that outsiders could never understand or match. Thus, the member is led along with a carrot of happiness, to distance themselves from their ability to reason as an individual, and to emotionally and sometimes physically distance them self from anyone not in the group.

Without exception, all mind-control groups create an "us" vs. "them" world.

A student of Robert J. Lifton, Steven Hassan wrote a book on the BITE Model of Cult Mind Control.  Behavior Control, Information Control, Thought Control, and Emotional Control.

Examples of people feeling safe & happy
in Mind-controlled groups ...

  • ISIS & Extreme Islamic Groups
    It goes without saying that anyone who's organization has "given them permission" to kill innocent people, and they proceed deliberately, has lost their ability to reason as a human being, and cannot evaluate right vs. wrong accurately.  They are under mind-control, and somehow think they are associated with the source of true happiness.  They think this as they literally kill others.
  • Drug Abusers 
    Pot, Meth, Heroin addictions happen because users are having a good time with these products. Nevermind that they are destroying their lives along the way.  Make no mistake, at first these are people having happy experiences with these substances.  Soon, though they lose their identity to them and the need for these substances controls their life. They begin missing work, selling off assets for drug money, and eventually stealing for drug money.  If you ever enter the home or bedroom of one of these people, there will be nothing of value in has all been sold.
  • Gamblers
    While gambling is a popular form of entertainment in some cities, many stories of people losing their cars and then houses, and then families to this practice abound.  People with gambling addictions literally lose their identities to the craving of that big payoff being "just around the corner."  Their addiction has moved them into a false perception of reality.
  • People Winning at Games in Group Settings
    Pull out some dice, and play a game of chance with a group of people. You'll notice the winners are elevated and happier than before the game started.  The losers will be a little less excited.

    Fun is had by all, however both winners and losers are noticeably impacted by the activity. The dice and game of chance mean nothing.  It's the value that the group placed on the activity that impacts the attitudes of the winners and losers.

    Now, pretend that if you did everything the gamemaster asked, you'd be guaranteed a winning dice role.  You would win, and feel wonderful.  The winning feeling is real, even though the dice have no meaning.  What if part of what the gamemaster asked for was money?
  • Video Game Addicts
    Video games are an exciting technology that enable players to escape into another realty.  Like other addictions, some lose their sense of reality and the habit begins to negatively impact their marriage, work life, finances, and even health.  There have been several reported cases of people playing games literally for several days straight and falling over dead.
  • Jim Jones & Jonestown
    In 1977 Jim Jones, a minister, created a community in South America and moved his hundreds of happy followers there.  People donated their houses and life savings to him and his cause.  On Nov 18, 1978 Jim Jones ordered a mass suicide involving 914 people.  These happy people first served cyanide-laced cool-aid to their children--poisoning them to death, and then drank it themselves.  These were happy, but controlled people.
  • Rev. Moon & the Moonies
    In the early 1970's Sun Myung Moon moved to the US from Korea and founded the Unification Church.  Reverend Moon soon became known among his followers as The Messiah, the only perfect person on the earth.  He preached family values, abstaining from drugs, tobacco, & alcohol.     He told his followers that they were pre-selected by God and chosen to be given this knowledge at this time to help combat Satan (and Communism), and to prepare the Earth for God's kingdom who would return soon and establish it.  He told members that if they reject this knowledge they would anger God and never forgive themselves.  Members were encouraged to pray about the matter and that God would confirm the truth in their hearts.  He preached that adultery was the worst sin, yet admitted to having multiple affairs, and had at least one illegitimate child.  His wife spoke about his addiction to cocaine.  He preached that deception was OK so long as it was to further God's work.  Reverend Moon amassed hundreds of millions of dollars from his followers over time.  The group has many documented accounts of members leaving their families, stopping all contact, and joining this group.
  • Hitler Youth
    In a 5-part documentary, Guido Knopp details how Hitler manipulated young German boys and girls to become more loyal to him than their own families.  The Hitler Youth took on their own identity above that of their families.  Parents helping Jews hide from the Nazis were turned in by their own children, and given the death penalty.

    Using a woven combination of community, sacrifice, education, dedication, employment, and seduction, the Nazi party created an entire generation willing to support the Third Reich's unjustified wars, national socialism, and genocide.
  • David Koresh
    David Koresh was the American leader of the Branch Davidians church, believing himself to be its final prophet.  David had beaten out another candidate for the position, George Roden, because Roden was jailed for having murdered yet another candidate.  

    The Branch Davidians became famous in 1993 when they were raided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), and six agents.  85 Davidians were killed when they burned down their complex instead of surrendering.  85 happy people would die for David Koresh, rather than just walk away from the group.
  • Heavens Gate Cult
    In March, 1997, 39 people in San Diego deliberately took their own lives, leaving behind "happy" suicide notes.  20 Years earlier Marshal Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles created the religion.  They offered the ability for only a select few of people on earth to "graduate" from humanity and enter heaven without having to die first, leaving everyone else to wallow in this spiritually poisoned world.  This required it's members to give their will over to a higher power who was going to help them achieve this transition.  Strict obedience and accuracy to Applewhite and Nettles direction was required.  Applewhite and Nettles told their followers they were beings from another planet.  Heaven was described as pure bliss where people are nourished by absorbing pure sunlight, and were conditioned to let go of all their worldly possessions.
    A multi-level marketing company founded in 1998 offered personal and professional development seminars.  Despite being featured in Forbes magazine, and having high profile visitors such as the Dalai Lama visit and speak, it turned out the group was actually a recruiting platform for a sex trafficking cult.  In early 2018, NXIVM founder Keith Raniere and Allison Mack were arrested for sex trafficking.
  • Warren Jeffs & the FLDS
    One of the largest recent splinter groups from the Mormon Church is the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The split happened because the group wanted to practice polygamy.  Having 10,000 members today, the group continues to expand all across the western United States and into Canada.  The saints there believe that Brigham Young was rumored to have visited the Hildale & Colorado City areas and said, "This will someday be the head and not the tail of the church."

    In 1890 and then 1904 the Mormon church issued two manifestos denouncing polygamy, and then excommunicated any remaining members still inside the United States that were practicing it.  Many polygamous families went to Mexico and Alberta to escape the United States ban.  Somewhere during this time the local communities in southern Utah still practicing polygamy adopted their own leadership and splintered off into their own group.  

    In 2004 the FLDS church moved their headquarters to Eldorado, Texas and built a temple there. Two years later the FBI was tipped off about their leader, Warren Jeffs, marrying underage girls to older men.  A 2008 raid on the compound in Texas results in evidence of the sexual assault of underage girls.

    FLDS Members sign everything they own to the church.  Houses, business, even spouses.  Warren Jeffs would gain the favor of certain men by offering them the pretty women as a wife, and if a man was not favorable to Jeffs, he was given a not-very-pretty wife.  Jeffs could on a whim divorce a man from his wives, and he used this power to corral all the men.  The women are married young and restricted from any form of choice even color of dress.  Each husband has his own pastel color, which all his wives must wear.  

    These people live in secluded towns away from the rest of the wicked world. They are happy doing this, and even when Warren Jeffs was arrested, they reshuffled their leadership and continue to expand.

    Read 14 accounts of FLDS members trying to exit the cult under duress.
  • Scientologists
    Scientology was created by author L. Ron Hubbard who was reported to have said in 1948, "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous.  If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion."  He did.

    Scientology has attracted a number of high-profile celebrities, and claims to have a set of life-tools to work through any human problem.  The more money you pay into the group, the higher level you attain.  Scientology challenges its members to transform the world into a better place by converting people and introducing them to these life tools.  The money collected is purported to be needed to distribute to other members all around the world, to help with the cleansing of the Earth.

    People who join Scientology report a high level of happiness and satisfaction as they work together to cleans the world of filth.  Many place their children in Scientology boarding schools where they don't have any contact with them for up to 10 years.  If the child quits the boarding school the family disowns the child for life.  These members are happy, divorcing their child forever.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses
    The Jehovah's Witnesses Organization is large and world wide.  Members are taught about Jehovah's love for all His children.  Members are discouraged from associating with anyone not a member, and if a family member quits the organization, the remaining family is told to break off all contact with the family member forever.
  • House of Aaron
    Maurice L. Glendenning, a BYU graduate, claimed as a boy to be able to hear "heavenly music even when wide-awake" which became "angelic poetry" as a teen, and finally "direction for the Mormon church as a whole" as an adult.  He was soon excommunicated from the Mormon church and in 1945 took a small group of followers to settle several west desert villages in Western Utah.  Today there are over 2000 members of the House of Aaron, which is engaged in "gathering Israel into a Holy Nation with Yeshua as King and the Torah as its constitution."
  • Lord of Our Righteousness Church (End of the World Cult)
    Wayne Bent, who calls himself Michael Travesser within the church, was a Seventh Day Adventist pastor who in 1987 left is church and in 2000 experienced a heavenly manifestation that he was the Messiah.  Bent has said, "I am the embodiment of God.  I am divinity and humanity combined.
    Bent and 80 of his followers moved from Sandpoint, Idaho to a remote part of the desert in New Mexico named Strong City.  There they live in semi-isolation and have rejected the world.  Several video documentaries have been created about this group.  Eventually Bent was tried and convicted in Taos, NM for child sexual crimes.  Here is a video commentary about Bent explaining how having an affair with his son's wife was directed by God.  Parallels are drawn by the commentator with Joseph Smith.
  • LeBaron Fundamentalist Mormons in Mexico
    This is a fundamentalist polygamist splinter group who broke off from the mainstream Mormon religion in Mexico. Led by Ervil LeBaron, a small group of religious polygamous members in the early 1970's were directed to perform murders for him, using the guise of blood atonement, which is a Brigham Young-era Mormon teaching. They did. These were happy, innocent followers who were willing to murder for someone else, instead of walk away from the group.  Ervil LeBaron was sentenced to life in prison for orchestrating the actions. 
  • Mormons
    The Mormon Church offers the chance to be given your own planet to rule in the next life, and live in God's presence forever--with your family members if they are also worthy enough.  If not, they will not be part of your future. This requires everyone to live obediently to a set of standards, devote a substantial amount of time, and give 10% of all of your income every year to the church.  Families are married "forever" inside of beautiful Mormon temples but only if you have been giving the church your tithing money.  Only other full tithing payers are permitted to watch a wedding inside the temple.  If your family member is not current in the payment of tithes to the Mormon church, they cannot watch you get married.  One man reported the church wanted a $22,000 back-payment of tithes for him to see his daughter get married

    The church requires about 25 hours per week of your time, and encourages heavy interaction with others within your local church outside of your family, and often without them present.  Children are carted off on overnight campouts with other family's Dads.  Grandparents are encouraged to spend time in missions in far away countries, doing temple work, or genealogy work...all away from their families and grandchildren.  They are very happy to do this because they are pleasing God.  Children are expected from age 12 on to be in a closed room alone with an adult Male who is not their parent where they are taught about masturbation and made to explain in graphic detail any sexual activity they may have engaged in.  They are taught their lives are less valuable then their virtue, and that they are better off getting killed than having pre-marital sex.

    Although the church claims to have no paid ministry, the elite senior officials of the church all have their debts paid off by the church upon entering the elite group and receive an attractive annual sum of around $120,000 year, in addition to having all of their living, travel, heath, & medial expenses paid for, and having access to all of the church billions of dollars of assets including hunting property, vacation property, and other benefits.  

     The governing leadership is paid by the church, while the 15,000,000 members pay into the church.  Like Communism, the governing party is the place to be.   

    You can only join the elite governing group by invitation, as they claim to have been chosen in the Grand Councils in Heaven in the pre-existence.   Most Mormons are unaware that the governing leaders of the Mormon church are mostly related to each other and primarily the descendents of the Joseph Smith family and the Brigham Young family.   More here.

    Murdering for the Mormon Church

    In September of 1857 settlers from the Baker-Fancher wagon train passed through southern Utah, encountering the mormon settlers there.  One or more of the wagon train members made the mistake of saying some in their group were responsible for killing the Prophet Joseph Smith.  The mormon temple ceremony used to require mormons to take an oath to avenge the death of the Prophet Joseph.   Brigham Young presided over John D. Lee, a Danite, who led a group of about 60 saints to corral these travelers, remove their guns from them, and then murder them.  Around 120 settlers were murdered, and their small children were then taken in and raised by the Mormons. This oath to avenge the prophets death was removed from the Mormon temple ceremony around 1930.  This event became knows as the Mountain Meadows Massacre, and the church has since formally issued an apology.

    Lying for the Mormon Church

    In an inexplicable talk given by Boyd K. Packer in 2004, he threatens church instructors that if they disclose church historical facts, God will punish them.  Note this talk was given less than two years after the publishing of Grant Palmers landmark book: An Insiders View of Mormon Origins, and right as the much anticipated Richard Lyman Bushman book titled Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling was being printed.

    More recently, Jeffrey R. Holland told researchers at the Maxwell Institute that "if there be error, let it be on the side of your covenants and on the side of your faith convictions" when recounting church history, to take sides, and that "neither can you afford to EVER be perceived as failing to serve the larger faith oriented purposes of this church."

    The Mormon Church Inoculates their Members Against Negative Historical Truths

    In a private presentation to Church Educators (CES Instructors) Feb 26, 2016, Elder M. Russell Ballard explains the church's plans to incoculate members by presenting historically-positive information about negative elements in the church's past so that members think they already know about those things when they encounter them on the internet or from non-members. 

How Cults Rewire the Brain - Diane Benscoter

Elder Bednar's Comments in the Video Below are a Classic Example of Cult Mind Control Techniques.

• Members should not feel free to make their own decisions.
• The organization will make the decisions for them.
• Members need to surrender their identity to the organization.
• If they don't then they are sinning.
• In exchange for giving us your money, you'll receive God's spirit and acceptance.
• Finally, the members are threatened if they don't comply.


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